Lex Invest, a personality,

a sense of ethics and

a new approach to legal counseling.

Sandrine Locatelli, founder of Lex Invest, has been a practicing legal advisor for 20 years in various sectors such as consulting, banking, finance, corporations and public institutions in French-speaking Switzerland.

She obtained a Masters’ degree in Law from the University of Geneva and has since continued her legal education. Some of her favorite topics : Art law, mediation, intellectual property and consumer law. She is a pragmatic, ethical and professional counsel.

Sandrine Locatelli is a good listener and is convinced of the importance of an efficient dialog. Her approach gives priority to legal risk prevention and amicable conflict resolution, providing quicker, more effective and cheaper solutions to her customers.

Her aim is to provide personalized services to companies located or doing business in the Canton of Vaud and the rest of French-speaking Switzerland. She believes that there is a real added value in investing in legal strategy and risk prevention ; if only, to be able to conduct business serenely and safely.

For Lex Invest customers, to invest in legal risk prevention means to save time and money. It is all about minimizing the litigation probability and optimizing the chance to get a favorable decision in court should a lawsuit arise.

Our services

Regular legal services

  • Contract drafting
  • Legal acts drafting
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Debt recovery
  • Legal advice
  • Notice of rights and other legal drafting

Special legal services

  • Trademark registration and license management
  • Legal audit for eduQua certification
  • General terms and conditions drafting (GTC)
  • Code of ethics, rules of procedure and policies drafting

Fields of expertise

  • Corporate and contract law
  • Private international law
  • Consumer law and data protection
  • Environmental law and urban planning
  • Intellectual property and art law
  • International tax law for artists and sportsmen